About Residencial Electricity Rates

About Residencial Electricity Rates When it comes to shopping for a new Electricity company we are always looking for the lowest Electricity Rates in the market, but when we do find it; Are we sure that this is the real energy rate? Is it going to go up after a certain amount of time? Is […]

About Residencial Electricity Rates

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Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility

Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility Who is the Public Services Commission, why it is important to us. The Public Services Commission regulates “The Utility”, they regulate electricity and other services in Texas. By saying that they regulate the electricity; we want to say that they are the ones that control and govern […]

Electricity Express Residential Energy Broker

Electricity Express Who are we? Electricity Express, an residential energy services Broker. What do we do? At Electricity Express we like to help, whether the customer needs to find new electricity services or switch retail electric provider.  As a Residential Energy Broker, we provide different options whether is month to month contract, prepaid, low kilowatt or […]

Elegir un proveedor de electricidad

Choosing an Electricity Provider

  Choosing an Electricity Provider   When Choosing an Electricity Provider, we are looking for the best option but there are some important requirements, we need to qualify to have access to these options. For example, to get a low rate (talking about kWh). Most of the time it is needed to have a SSN […]

Electricity Meter Tampering and Stealing

Meter Tampering and Stealing As consumers we are always looking for ways to save money on the things that we need, Like our electricity. We are always looking for the lowest price in the market. There is a practice called Meter Tampering, people try to change the way a meter works, even when this is […]

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Electricity Theft

Electricity Theft: more common than you think. Nowadays Electricity Theft has become popular worldwide not only in regions such as Latin-American but also in the USA, and other first world countries. For example, in the USA they are already working to solve this issue and to diminish the losses that these practices could cause to […]

(Español) Fraude Ventas Electricidad

Electricity Slamming – Beware of   Door to Door Energy Sales   As an energy consumer, it had never occurred to me that electricity scams could occur. These scams are more commonly known by the utilities as Electricity Slamming. As an electricity sales agent I have learned from managing and saving on energy and how […]

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Residential Electricity Disconnected

Residential Electricity Disconnected

Residential Electricity Disconnected How do you know if it is a blackout or simply been disconnected for missing a payment?   Residential Electricity Disconnected. No one likes to go home after a long day at work and finding out that there is no electricity. Especially if you do not know why your Residential Electricity Disconnected; […]

(Español) Tarifas Eléctricas Suben Realidad Inevitable

        Rise of the Electric Rates Why (kWh) rates change; myths and realities. Does Daylight Saving Time change affect usage? Are we more at home in the winter? Which is easier or cheaper; heat or cool my house? Is the demand for electricity higher in the winter and the electric tariffs go […]

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Electricity Express ayuda al desastre de Harvey

Electricity Express helps those affected by hurricane Harvey It’s been 4 days since hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston and surrounding areas, leaving more than 30,000 people who need emergency shelter. When a tragedy like Harvey strikes, the best humanity thing to do is help those in need.  Right now, Houston and surrounding areas are […]