Save Energy and The Planet

Save Energy and The Planet

Doing the best, we can pay less for electricity not only helps your wallet. Even though it’s a great way to save money, we are helping the environment too. Unlikely, a lot of us don’t understand the pollution impact there is because of the energy generation from coal plants. Unfortunately, many of us can’t choose where our electricity comes from. Even though we choose an electricity provider that buys all its certs from renewable resources, the energy we receive from the grid is not from that specific electricity company. Save Energy and The Planet.

Pay less electricity and save the planet

We can do a lot for our kids future

Equally important is to save energy, pay less for electricity as saving our planet. Our future generations need our help. If you have this motivation of saving money for your kid’s college, you can also be an example to your kids and help the environment.

Simple ways to save electricity

First, we can start by choosing an electric provider that only provides renewable electricity to its customers. Of course, that electric provider needs to state the amount of renewable energy that provides its customers.

Second, be mindful of your energy usage. Saving energy at home is very simple. Just a few modifications to your daily chores at home while cleaning and a more efficient way to use your appliances will help a lot. This is very easy to get used to. Uniquely, this website is flooded with energy-saving ideas.

Then, try to get an energy company that tells you how much electricity you use every single day. The reason is that this is the only way to measure your energy-saving efforts.

Save electricity the hard way

Now, there is a better and harder way to save money, electricity, and better yet, save our planet. In contrast to the other ideas, I strongly recommend being your own power source. How? Going solar. Yes, it is a big change and challenge, however, this is the best way to save electricity and not use electricity from the grid, which comes from who knows where.

Although, you may think that going solar is a hassle and out of your reach. This is not true. Due to marketing misinterpretation, many solar companies will state that going solar is free. In reality, a better way to say it will be that there will be no change in your electricity budget. Of course, a solar system is costly, however, a solar system can offset your energy cost. So, a better way to say will be that a solar system will not cost you any extra money from what you are paying today. If your budget is $250 per month, the solar system loan will be around the same.

Additionally, your home value will increase by 2-3 %. The cost of the solar system can be included in the house sale price, in the case you wish to sell the house. Also, many solar system loans are transferrable.

To conclude, the easy way to save the planet and pay less electricity is by having a pollution-free energy provider, and having an electricity provider tells you your daily electricity savings. Secondly, the hard and best way, go solar.


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