January Energy Savings Help Pay Christmas Bills

January Energy Savings from Milder Weather Help Pay Off Those Christmas Bills.

January energy savings will help you pay off your Christmas bills.  You don’t believe me?  I know where you’re coming from.  I can hear it already – people groaning as they open their credit card bills and wonder how they will pay back those holiday presents.  But we’re not living in Alaska, my friends.  We’re down in Texas, where the weather is predictably unpredictable.  Milder weather has hit, which means it’s time to save some money for those bills coming due.

So in the middle of this (hopefully short) January warm up, where can you find the extra savings on your electric bill?  #Electricityexpress has some suggestions.

Where to Find the January Energy Savings

  1. Your laundry room is golden.  Your washer/dryer steals a lot of your money, especially during the winter.  But with Texas’ warm up, all those bulky sweaters and sweatshirts can be set aside.  Think about the money you’re saving by doing smaller loads of T-shirts, shorts and other light clothes.  Does that sound too simple?  Not really, when you remember how much laundry a family of 5 does every week.  It will add up.
  2. January Energy Savings Help Pay Christmas Bills, lower electricity usageThe heater is gone.  You may be too young to remember that Glenn Frey song, but the point is: sack the heater.  Texas warm snaps can last quite a while, and you may see your electric bill decrease a lot.  That’s more money to be put against other bills.
  3. The Christmas lights are packed away.  For those of you who put up lights last month, your utility bill will probably drop a little now that they’ve been taken down.  It won’t be much, but if you’re on a budget, you’ll still appreciate having the money back.
  4. Hot showers are out, warm showers are in.  I truly hate to say it, but cut back on those hot showers for a few days.  I would never suggest going cold turkey, but with warmer weather, it’s not necessary to steam up your bathroom.  Using warm water instead of hot will lower your utility statements and let you put that money towards other bills.

Get the Electricity Savings Before Winter Returns

The mild weather won’t last long.  Winter will return, and summer is coming.  So take advantage of warmer temperatures and try our suggestions.  Tuck away the money you can save and get ahead a little on your bills.  January energy savings won’t be here forever.

For more practical suggestions on saving electricity, protecting the environment and improving your home, follow our blog.  Electricity Express – we’ve got your back.

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