Great Electricity Service

Great Electricity Service

from sales to customer care

We are so glad we got electricity service with you guys, the service, our energy got connected fast and it was hassle free, within a few hours. Our electricity was restored and customer service was so explicit on the terms and conditions. In a few moments we received confirmation of the order. Thank you Electricity Express.

The Wilkerson’s, Plano Tx


#ElectricityExpress strive for the best customer service experience possible, we believe in the mouth to mouth lead generation. Now, we advertise heavily but it’s better referral when someone comes with some knowledge and good happy friend that commented about us. All in all, customer satisfaction makes everything easier for all of us, less stressed sales and customer care departments. Now, the new way of doing NO DEPOSIT electricity is complicated for some new customers, it’s is our priority that you understand the product and how the billing works.

Texas Prepaid Electricity Fast and Easy - 4 Simple Steps

Texas Prepaid Electricity Fast and Easy – 4 Simple Steps

Prepaid Electricity Paperless Billing

Paperless billing is not for everybody but in order to keep our low rates, we need to save any way we can. One of the highest operation cost in any company is paper, printing and delivery. We pass this savings to you with paperless billing.

Our text systems keep our customers in constant contact about balances, daily usage, and how to contact us. This tool makes our patrons be aware of how fast they are consuming their power, meaning that they can control usage. A daily text or email notification will tell you your previews day energy consumption. For many, these notifications might be not necessary, however, this is the only way to save on energy. Thus, the idea behind this is for you to see if any energy-saving efforts are work keep doing them. As an example, as a home improvement you can change all your light bulbs to LEDs, if you do that in one day, you will see that your energy consumption will be less than the text you received a day before.

Lower electricity bills monitoring energy consumption

Text message billing method or online statement, daily usage notifications

Save energy to pay less on your electricity bill

“A lower energy rate will save you hundreds, lower your energy usage to save thousands…”  Gabriel CEO Electricity Express


Also, they can feel comfortable that payments are posted in real-time, no wait for a check to post. We live in a fast living environment, we want everything done by NOW.

Same day electricity service is great.

This is how we roll. If same days service is needed, just call before 5 PM Monday through Saturday and we will send the order right away. Indeed, payments can be done without a live representative online or over the phone.

Customer care is open Saturdays too, from 9:00 PM to 3:00 PM you can reach us f you have any concerns. We will be happy to assist you.

Great Electricity Service is about keeping customers happy and we want these customers to talk about us. With that said, with one of the most positive reviewed energy companies in Texas. Payless Power makes a difference.

Electricity Express wants you to smile. Call today: 855 781 6970

In our Power Blog, you will find many energy-saving ideas.

Great Electricity Service with the Wilkersons

The switched and save hundreds


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