Back-to-school electricity savings

Now that our children are going back to school, it’s time to put our homes and spending in order. Saving electricity with kids at home is not that easy, we think about their comfort. More meals to prep, more clothes to wash, more electronics in use, and our doors and windows are open more often. Not only that but this 2022 summer has been brutal. Back-to-school electricity savings with our always recommendations.

Back-to-school electricity savings

Take over your home and start saving

How hot was Texas this July 2022


This 2022 summer has been one of the hottest in years. Too many days over 100 degrees F, no rain, and no wind. Some weather websites say that the average high in July was 97 degrees F, however, for me, it felt like it was way more. With this kind of weather, it’s hard to keep our family comfortable. Such as I recommended in my previous post. Soon, our kids will be back to school, and electricity savings are on the way. Let’s lower those future energy bills.


Is it possible to save electricity with Texas heat?


Let me tell you, I was able to keep my electric bill under $100 this July of 2022. In addition, I still worked from home and always had my kid with me. Complicated? Not really. I didn’t expect this heat, however, I did my adjustments and I put myself to the test. This is what I did:


Summertime energy-saving essentials


  1.  A/C at 78 during the day, 74 at night
  2.  Ceiling fans at high
  3.  Laundry and dishwashing after 9 pm
  4.  Short showers
  5.  Kept doors and blinds shut


As if it was easy to do all these things with the whole family at home while summer break. To be quite honest with you, yes, there were a few days that I left the A/C thermostat at 76 degrees, but We did our effort. Kids are kids and they don’t really care.


Back to school, it’s time for electricity savings


Let’s face it, we can manage higher temperatures, but we like the comfort of the air conditioner. However, our electric bills will be as high as in July if we don’t help ourselves. Be aware of your energy consumption. With that said, remember that the A/C is the appliance that uses the most electricity in our home during the summer. Now that kids are in school half the day, we can maneuver the A/C thermostat to our advantage and save electricity. Back-to-school electricity savings.


Recommendations to lower your next electricity bill:


  1. If you leave home for a few hours, set the A/C thermostat at a higher temperature (80 – 85 degrees), do not turn it off the A/C.
  2. While you are at home, keep using the ceiling fans and the A/C thermostat at 76 – 78 degrees.
  3. Never blast the A/C. If you come back from work and the temperature in your home is above 76 degrees, do not set the thermostat to 70 degrees. Lower the thermostat temperature by 2 degrees per hour.
  4. Get a high-quality air filter and change it.
  5. Prepare meals and use the kitchen less often. In the same way, this saves you time, effort, and money.
  6. Keep blinds and/or curtains always shut.
  7. Remember to keep doing your laundry and dishwashing after 9 pm.
Save energy setting your thermostat at 78

Set thermostat at 78

What is the impact on your electric bill of temperature on your thermostat?


We can save up to 3% on our electricity bill per degree on the A/C.


Not easy to calculate, however, this is what some experts say. So, if we have a $300 electric bill having our thermostat at 72 degrees, then if we set it at 78 degrees, we should be saving around 18%. With this said, we have a total savings of $54. If we manage our energy usage all year long, I could say that we could be saving from $500 to $600 per year. I think is worth it to learn how to manage our home temperatures all year long. We can start now, with back-to-school energy savings.


Prepaid electricity will help you save


To conclude. How can we know if all our energy-saving efforts are working? The best way to understand how your home appliances work more efficiently is if you have prepaid electricity. Because of prepaid electricity billing, you can know your energy usage every day. This is the only way to manage your appliance more energy-efficiently.


All in all, we have the best-prepaid electricity in Texas. Give us a call and you will see how your energy usage starts declining and your electricity bill gets cheaper.


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Back-to-school electricity savings