Save electricity in summer (+100˚F)

Save electricity in summer (+100˚F)

High temperatures continue to hit North Texas. How can we save electricity in summer (+100˚F)?


Save Electricity in Summer

How to avoid summer blackouts


Now that many of us work from home and the children are on vacation, it is not easy to be comfortable at home in these high temperatures. Working from home and with our children out of school, our demand for energy to keep our homes cool is too great. ERCOT is the company that is in charge of managing the network in Texas. ERCOT says that; July has been a record month. There have never been so many days in a row with temperatures above 100˚F.

ERCOT says the power grid exceeded 80,000 MW for the first time as the Texas heatwave continues

Save electricity and help

Why help? One could say “I don’t care, I pay for my electricity and that’s it, I like to have my home cool…”. Yes, I understand this point, but if we don’t help, many of us can suffer a power outage. As a result, by not lowering our energy consumption, the distribution network overloads heat up and collapses. So if we don’t help, many of us could be affected without electricity. Such as the winter storm in 2021, we are in the same situation. Save electricity in summer.

How to lower energy consumption

  • Set the thermostat to 78˚F
  • Use ceiling fans
  • Change the air filter every month
  • Keep doors, windows and curtains closed
  • Cook, wash, and dry your clothes after 9 PM
Save energy setting your thermostat at 78

Set thermostat at 78

I understand that the most difficult thing is to keep our home at a temperature higher than 70 or 72 degrees. During the day, especially around 5 PM, is when we demand more energy from the network. When we all, and at the same time, ask for so much energy from the network, it is when it collapses.

As of today, July 27, 2022, we have had more than 20 days with temperatures above 100 ˚F. Still, we are barely in the middle of summer, let us remember that August is also hot. Save electricity in summer.


This summer of 2022 may be the hottest in history.


To conclude, it is never too late to help, save energy and pay less on our electricity bills. Let’s help others and ourselves by lowering our energy consumption.


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