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Waco Texas Cheap Home Electricity


Waco is one of the largest cities near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, with more than 120,000 residents. You’ll also hear a lot of residents say, “I didn’t know that retail electricity is possible”.

Waco has grown by more than 11% since 2000 due to better jobs, technology and stability. The median household income especially has increased. To learn more about your city you can follow this link.

Electricity Express wants to make sure that your energy provider is taking care of you. There are several things you can do to make sure you are in good hands. A good way to start is by following our blog. We have so many ideas on how to save energy and help you do small modifications to your house or apartment to make it more energy efficient. We also help you to understand how electricity works and why making a few tweaks in the way you use your electricity will make a huge impact on your power usage.

About prepaid electricity: Electricity Express believes that Waco residents are conscious of their environment. We know that daily notifications of our energy usage make us save energy and money. Our state-of-the-art systems make you take control of your energy. We send you text messages every day about your energy consumption. This way you can see if switching all your light bulbs to efficiency lights is important, or if washing and drying at night is better than going to a coin laundry. With every change you make in your habits, you can see the effect it has on your bill.

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We have plenty of features to offer for residents in deregulated cities like Waco. Our best ones include:

  • same day service
  • now with extended hours until 5 PM Monday through Saturday
  • free energy – all new customers can take advantage of our best plan ever: up to $100 free power
  • no deposit
  • no contracts
  • and short-term services, just to mention a few.

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