Turn On Electricity – No Deposit

Moving is a hassle, even when it’s to a new dreamed home. Turn On Electricity with No Deposit.

#ElectricityExpress wants to make this ordeal less unpleasant, we tell you how to turn on electricity – no deposit and less things to worry about.

Disconnecting your electricity and moving are headaches that no one wants. Yet changing homes happens. Whether you accept a job in a new city or switch apartments to escape your noisy neighbors, after stuffing boxes wearily in your car, you will finally turn off the power in your old home and connect it in your new one. But how will you do this? Electricity Express has the answer.

Why Keeping the Same Electricity Company Can Be a Mistake

Image of a Moving Truck

Image of a Moving Truck

Often the knee-jerk choice is to stick with the original provider and transfer the old connection from point A to point B, thinking that this saves money.  Actually, this can be a financial trap.  Even if you keep the same electricity provider, many charge a disconnect fee and on top of that, another fee to reconnect your power in your new place.  Depending on the company, each fee could be $35-$50.  At Electricity Express, we understand that this is money better spent on more essential things such as food and gas.

Your Moving Rights Under Texas Law

Often Texans stay with their original provider simply because they don’t know their rights under Texas law.  Did you know that you are legally protected from any fees associated with terminating or switching your service so long as you are not delinquent on your account?  At this link.
look at page 7 under “(4) Rescission, Termination and Disconnection, (C)”.  You will see that your provider cannot charge you if you move to another premises and also give evidence that you are moving as well as your forwarding address.  At Electricity Express, we follow Texas law and work with customers in a fair, honest manner.

Electricity Express Makes Moving Easy

Electricity Express customer service agents make turning on the power in a new home simple. Turn on your electricity with no deposit, no credit check, no contract and more features with #ElectricityExpress.  And if in the midst of frantically packing your junk drawer you suddenly remember that you’ve forgotten about turning on the power in the home you’re moving into that very day, relax.  We do same-day connections if your request is received before 5 pm CST, check our hours of operation. Turn On Electricity – No Deposit and all our blogs are dedicated to help new residents understand rules and be ready for the changes, changes are good!

For help with turning on the electricity in your home, give Electricity Express a call now at 855 781 6970.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.