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Home Electricity Complaints

Here is what to do for Home Electricity Complaints I believe that there are more unsatisfied users with Home Electricity Complaints than happy customers. To start with, Home Electricity Complaints are a hassle and it takes time. However, if the Home Electricity Complaints go through, huge fines or penalties the energy company will suffer. Public […]

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Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility

Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility Who is the Public Services Commission, why it is important to us. The Public Services Commission regulates “The Utility”, they regulate electricity and other services in Texas. By saying that they regulate the electricity; we want to say that they are the ones that control and govern […]

Power Outage

Black out after Storm The season of severe storms and / or tornadoes in Texas has arrived; tornadoes are common in Texas especially during the months of March to August. Prepare yourself for a severe storm or tornado First you need to understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A tornado watch means that the formation […]

More Trivia Fun – The Electricity Express Power Blog

Electricity Express Power Blog – What Do You Remember? Here comes the latest round of trivia, this time about the Electricity Express Power Blog.  Every day you’ve been reading it to learn about prepaid electricity and how to save money, etc.  Now it’s time to see what you remember.  Sound easy?  You might think so, but we […]