En caso de Emergencia

Power Outage Home Electricity Generator

Power Outage Home Electricity Generator Electricity Express strives to give solutions to our readers. Recently we blogged about what to do in case of a power outage. Here is another solution, Power Outage Home Electricity Generator. Proceeding to the last blog, we would like you to know alternative solutions. Power Outage Home Electricity Generator are […]

Proteja su Hogar Generador de Electricidad Residencial en Caso de Apagón

Home Electricity Fastest Connection New Service

Home Electricity Fastest Connection New Service How fast is the Home Electricity Fastest Connection? First, we need to understand that the only one who can “press the button” to connect the electricity will be the utility1 in your area. The process for Home Electricity Fastest Connection In order to send a home electricity connection by […]

Electricity Express ayuda al desastre de Harvey

Electricity Express helps those affected by hurricane Harvey It’s been 4 days since hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston and surrounding areas, leaving more than 30,000 people who need emergency shelter. When a tragedy like Harvey strikes, the best humanity thing to do is help those in need.  Right now, Houston and surrounding areas are […]

Power Outage

Black out after Storm The season of severe storms and / or tornadoes in Texas has arrived; tornadoes are common in Texas especially during the months of March to August. Prepare yourself for a severe storm or tornado First you need to understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A tornado watch means that the formation […]

Kit para huracán

Kit para huracán- qué preparar, por si acaso.   La temporada de huracanes es el comienzo de peligrosos e impredecibles cambios climáticos para nosotros. Basta con mencionar a Katrina para que todos pensemos en imágenes de un Nueva Orleans inundado y con personas atrapadas en las azoteas de sus hogares. Los huracanes son una de […]