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Electricity Theft

Electricity Theft: more common than you think. Nowadays Electricity Theft has become popular worldwide not only in regions such as Latin-American but also in the USA, and other first world countries. For example, in the USA they are already working to solve this issue and to diminish the losses that these practices could cause to […]

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Switch Hold on your Home Electricity Meter

Switch Hold on your Home Electricity Meter Reasons why a lock or switch hold is placed on a home electricity meter. The main reason for a switch hold is that someone owes money to an electricity provider. Now, let’s be completely honest to ourselves. If you, one of your family or anyone related to you […]

Important Checklist for Moving into a New Home

Electricity Express’ Checklist for Moving into a New Home A checklist is your best friend.  Without one, moving into a new home is guaranteed to be a headache.  The key to your sanity is organization and preparing as far ahead as possible.  Read through the advice offered by Electricity Express, and you will finish the move with […]

More Trivia Fun – The Electricity Express Power Blog

Electricity Express Power Blog – What Do You Remember? Here comes the latest round of trivia, this time about the Electricity Express Power Blog.  Every day you’ve been reading it to learn about prepaid electricity and how to save money, etc.  Now it’s time to see what you remember.  Sound easy?  You might think so, but we […]