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Electricity Express Power Blog – What Do You Remember?

Here comes the latest round of trivia, this time about the Electricity Express Power Blog.  Every day you’ve been reading it to learn about prepaid electricity and how to save money, etc.  Now it’s time to see what you remember.  Sound easy?  You might think so, but we have a few curve balls to throw at you.  Let’s get started.  The questions are first, and the answers follow near the end of the posting.  Good luck!


1. Customers switching to prepaid electricity see a savings of 5% to ________ on their bills
a. 7%    b. 10%    c. 14%

2. Hot water faucet leaks in the bathroom could cost you as much as ________ every month
a. $200    b. $150    c. $50

3. Screen savers on your computer save a lot of energy
a. True    b. False

4. _______ bulbs have clear, frosted or colored glass
a. Fluorescent    b. Incandescent    c. Xenon

5. At Electricity Express, customers can receive daily account updates via _________ and __________
a. paper statements    b. text messages    c. emails

6. The teenager who wins the 2014 Google Science Fair receives a free trip to ___________
a. Paris, France    b. Tokyo, Japan    c. the Galapagos Islands

7. A future Electricity Express video will talk about canceling post paid service before your  ____________ expires
a. utility contract    b. car lease    c. cell phone contract

No cheating!  Do you think you know the answers?

Wait for it…

Wait for it….

Wait for it…

All right, here they are.  A drum roll, please……………..


1. c. 14%
2. a. $200 – Seem impossible? Not according to the City of Austin
3. b. False – The screen saver is actually a program that your computer runs, so energy is still being used.
4. b. Incandescent
5. b. Text messages and c.emails – Electricity Express works hard to save the environment and keep your costs down by eliminating paper waste.
6. c. the Galapagos Islands, an incredible group of islands off of South America
. a. utility contract – Texas law protects you in this situation, so check your legal rights carefully

Congratulations on getting all of them correct!  Keep reading our Power Blog for more useful “do-it-yourself” ideas, “going green”, saving money, and simplifying your finances.  Electricity Express – we’ve got you covered.

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