Solar Panels Vs. Utility Energy Distribution

Solar Panels Vs. Utility Energy Distribution

Going solar does not mean that we will be totally off the grid (energy distribution system). We can take advantage of the utility services only when it’s needed. Solar Panels Vs. Utility Energy Distribution.

The sun is an unlimited source of energy

Sun is Energy

Indeed, with a solar panel system, you will produce electricity for your own. However, when the sun is down, we do not produce any energy.

Solar Panels Vs. Utility Energy Distribution

How electricity is distributed.

What happens when we need energy and the sun is down?

Not to worry, there are solutions. Either way, you will have power.

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest challenges in the Solar industry is electricity storage. With this said, the 2 most common and efficient ways to overcome this predicament are:

  1. Solar Batteries.

Tesla has developed a state-of-the-art power bank named Powerwall. Accordingly, a 2,200 sq ft home will need 2 of these Powerwalls. In the hope that the batteries are fully charged, Tesla claims that the house can survive (conservatively) without power for 7 days.

We are talking about the Rolls Royce of solar installations, however, no one else is doing this. For fear that 2 Powerwalls can cost about $14,000.

We are trying to make all this Going Solar as affordable as possible. Solar Panels Vs. Utility Energy Distribution

  1. Use the utility grid as your Power Bank

Instead of storing your own electricity, push the electricity it back to the grid. If we are producing more electricity than we need. Then, the electricity is pushed back to the grid. But wait, that is your power, you produced it. Indeed, you will get it back in energy credits.

Smart meter technology can do this. Approximately, 90% of Texans have a smart meter installed.

So, when there is no sun and you need electricity, you will pull energy from the utility grid. Assumed that you have energy credits, you won’t pay for those kWh you have stored with the utility as credits.

To conclude, the smart and affordable way to do your solar system is staying connected to the utility grid.

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