Solar Panels Installation in Texas

Solar Panels Installation in Texas

FreeVolt TX is here to help you with your solar panel installation. Solar Panels Installation in Texas

Solar Panels Installation in Texas

Texas Going Solar

There are plenty of solar panel companies in Texas. There are folks that think that installing solar by themselves is an easy task. Beware that there are a lot of pieces to the formula of installing solar modules in your home.

Things to consider for a solar installation

  • find the best PV modules,
  • inverter functionality
  • specifications for output and input,
  • design of plans and structural,
  • we manage the permits
  • HOA communications,
  • installation.
  • utility interconnection
  • just to mention a few steps…

FreeVolt PV modules

3rd generation PV modules, MonoPerc 300+ SW. Made in Poland, these modules are twice as thick as the other panels, resistant to hail damage, wind, snow, etc. Less degradation than any other solar panel out there, 0.14% degradation per year. This means that after 20 Years the PV modules still produce 94% of what they were producing when first installed.

FreeVolt Warranties

Best warranties. 30-year warranty on the PV modules and craftsmanship makes it the best on the market.

We use US made inverters, made in the US with a 10-year warranty with an available extended warranty.

Installing Solar Panels

Safety first

Going solar is a big decision, let us help you. Honestly, DIY solar installation is complicated.

We take the time to create the best PV system design as it will be as what the premisses needs. Each premiss is different, indeed, not all clients use the same amount of energy, also, every premises has a different orientation, layout, etc.

We are the difference, FreeVolt TX. Solar Panels Installation in Texas

We never subcontract our installations, we have the modules, we manage the permits, designs, etc, why DIY when you may just save a few dollars. Your time is valuable, the risk of a major installation like this is very high. Follow our Power Blog

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