Save electricity, keep your air conditioning up to date

Ahorre electricidad mantenga su aire acondicionado al día

Ahorre electricidad mantenga su aire acondicionado al día

7 Steps to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner will save you money and prolong the life of the unit. You do not need to be an expert to keep your A/C unit up to date, anyone can do it, and it only takes an hour or so. Follow this 7 steps to keep your air conditioning running efficiently and save electricity.

Before you start make sure the power is off Turn off the electrical power to the condenser unit at the outdoor shutoff, if you don’t know where the electrical power to the condenser is, then just turn the power off at the breaker box.

Clean the Debris

With a screwdriver remove the screws/fasteners from the top of the unit, and lift the fan grill. Clean the leaves, dirt, or any other trash inside the a/c unit. You can clean it by hand or with a vacuum.

Clean the fins

Use a water hose to clean the fins from the inside out; this will remove any dust accumulated between the fins. If the fins are too dirty and the water hose is not sufficient to clean them, then use a fin cleaning spray. Never use a pressure washer, since the pressure can damage the fins.

Straighten the fins

Carefully straighten the fins with a knife or a fin straightening tool. This step is very important because if the fins are bent then if affects the air flow and it will reduce the efficiency of the air unit.

Clean around the air conditioning unit

Clean the fan with a damp cloth, and then place the fan grille in place. Remove any trash around the  a/c unit if  you have bushes around the unit, then I will recommend you to trim them at least 2 feet around the unit, to ensure  adequate airflow around the a/c unit.

Now is time to clean the  indoor unit

Find the evaporator coil door you may need to remove some screws or aluminum foil tape. Use a soft brush to remove any dust from the coil, then you will need to spray the coil with a no rinse coil cleaner.

Clean the Drain Tube

Remove the drain tube, clean the drain tube by using a mixture of water and bleach, or you can also just replace the tube. Don’t forget to also clean the drain port, use a pipe cleaner.

Change the filter

You must change the air conditioning filter at least twice a year, once before the winter season begins and the second time before summer. Don’t forget to clean the air ducts as well, clean air ducts maintains the proper airflow and makes your system work better.


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