Residential Electricity Disconnected

Residential Electricity Disconnected

Residential Electricity Disconnected

How do you know if it is a blackout or simply been disconnected for missing a payment?


Residential Electricity Disconnected. No one likes to go home after a long day at work and finding out that there is no electricity. Especially if you do not know why your Residential Electricity Disconnected; if it is a blackout or you simply forgot to pay your bill.

Steps to Determine Why Your Residential Electricity Disconnected.

There are a couple of things I could do to find out the reason for your disconnection.

But first, did you know that your meter can tell you a lot of things?

That’s right, the meter can tell if you have been disconnected or not. Just search for the following Letters “CLS” or “OPN”. AMS or Smart Meters ONLY.

  • CLS – Your meter is on.
  • OPN- No power


If the meter screen shows the letters “CLS” flashing, but, there is no electricity this could mean one of these two things.

  1. The Circuit Breakers are OFF, which can be easy to fix by just turning them back on.
  2. There is a power outage, so you would have to get in touch with your public utility to know how long it will take them to fix it.


Now if the meter is flashing with the letters “OPN” it means that the meter is not receiving any power, which is not good. This could be due to:

  • the Electric Company sent a disconnection order to the service company for non-payment.
  • In rare cases, it could be because the utility company never received the Electricity Provider connection order. If this is the case you should contact your electricity company as soon as possible to have the order send.

Helpful tips to determine the reason for disconnection.

In conclusion, here are some helpful tips for the future in case this happens to you.

  • Always check your meter.
  • Check your circuit breakers.
  • Keep Electricity’s telephone number at your fingertips.
  • Know who your utility is, and keep the telephone number on hand.
  • And, finally, always keep track of your Bill payments.For more information Electricity Express is here to help.




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Residential Electricity Disconnected written by Judith Pacheco