Case Study – Prepaid Utility Services Save Money

Case study show big savings on prepaid utility services.

Customers indicated they switched to prepay utility services to have greater control over their energy usage and bill. 

Recent studies show that those customers with prepaid electricity are more satisfied and have greater energy savings, which range from 5 to 14 percent. As a result of this and receiving daily updates on their account, customers are now slightly more conservative in their electricity usage.

Three out of four customers in this prepay utilities study indicate that they have changed the way they use their electricity, and a BIG 92% say they are VERY SATISFIED with their new prepaid service.   Customers enrolled in voluntary prepay programs on average are reducing their energy usage at a very meaningful level, higher than most traditional energy conservation measures. Prepay services are generating high satisfaction levels from customers across all income levels, helping utilities enhance the value of a traditional payment transaction with their customer base. Overall the prepay services business has grown exponentially in last few years. There is a reason for this and now you can take advantage of having prepaid electricity service. The change is not difficult, and change is good.

Man checking energy usage on his laptop

Man checking energy usage on his laptop

This also indicates that power companies using this method are more stable and debt free because the user is his own purchased kilowatts, the consumer is not using credit kilowatts from the company, same way the company does not have to struggle chasing customers for payments. The company’s savings from paperless billing and less human resources with automated payment and billing systems, pass this savings to the final user/consumer.

…prepaid accounts is one of the best options for customers out there, they control their usage, payment frequency and environmental awareness. It help us to have real customers and not deep-in-debt customers who abuse the systems who leave a residence without telling the energy company and the electricity keeps running for who know how long. Use what you can afford, no need for deposit or credit check, help the environment, help the community and save the planet.

The best news is that you can change your decision, and since there is no credit check or contract you are not attached to the company, in contrast to other providers who lock you in long term contracts. In #ElectricityExpress we do our part, we don;t stop until we know our customers are satisfied, the new way of doing prepaid electricity is not easy, and this #EelectricityExpress website do the job to support what we do, this is not the only case study there is out there, prepaid electricity services are all across America and we are happy to take this advantage, and happier to find a great company like Payless Power to support this program.

We have several videos where you will find more ways to save on energy.

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