Home Electricity Short Term Contracts

Home Electricity Short Term Contracts

Having an electricity contract may sound scary. What if a new lower energy rate will come up in the next few months? Should I choose a fixed not-too-low rate but is fixed for 2 or 3 years? How often do the rates change? What is the trend on home electricity rates? As of right now, Electricity Express suggest Home Electricity Short Term Contracts.

Home Electricity Short Term Contracts

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Energy companies with short term contracts

Electricity Express would like to help you to understand how all these energy contracts work. First, it may be a hassle for changing electricity providers or energy plans every 6 months. However, a 5-minute call to Electricity Express could save you 20% or more on your electricity bill. Then, since we work with several energy companies, we search for your best energy rate.

Regarding home electricity short term contracts, the shortest term will be 6 months electricity contract. I can find the lowest energy rate of around 5 cents per kilowatt-hour. However, this rate is the energy charge. Including the delivery (utility) charge, this will come to an energy rate around the 8 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Why short term energy plans are better than long length electricity contracts?

Considering that the home electricity prices are affected by natural gas prices, also home energy rates fluctuate. So, the long-term energy contracts are forecasted with natural gas vulnerability. By the same token, gas prices are always in the rise. Gas, power, energy, all are affected by inflation too, which, US average inflation is 4% per year.

Best practice for a low energy rate with short term electricity contract.

First, I suggest keeping track of the electricity contract expiration date. Then, note the rate you are locked in for that term. Considering that energy companies like to keep their customers, always ask to be grandfathered at that rate. They can always work with you to keep you as a good paying customer. Last, never make a payment late. All in all, any company in any industry will never like a late-paying customer. Regarding this, a late customer incurs at more cost to the companies.

Consider Electricity Express as your energy friend that will always get your back as for your electricity needs. By the same token, we have created many articles in our Power Blog with lots of ideas on how to save on energy. In our blog, you will find ideas like:

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