Holiday Energy Saving Tips 2: heating, furnace

Holiday Energy Saving Tips 2: heating, furnace

On today’s blog, Holiday Energy Saving Tips 2: heating, furnace, I will share the idea of how to manage your furnace thermostat during the winter.

Holiday Energy Saving Tips 2: heating, furnace

Save energy and money

Heating our home use a lot of energy.

Holiday Energy Saving Tips 2: heating, furnace


In fact, we use electricity for almost everything we do. Heating our home is no different, especially if your home, like mine, is 100 % electric. If we are not carefully managing our furnace thermostat, your electricity bill can get out of control. If you are with an electricity company that sends you a monthly statement, it can take up to 45 days to figure it out what happened.

Texas is a place that winter is not as drastic as most of the US. First, we don’t have much snow like many other regions. With that said, here in the Dallas area, we may get 1 – 3 days of snow per year. Worst winter can be 10 days under 40 degrees. I mean, we are lucky to have decent weather most of the year. Still, this does not mean that we just let the furnace work as it wants to.

Holiday Energy Saving Tips 2: heating, furnace. How to use the thermostat.

In fact, we have control of the heating situation in our home. It can take some time to implement of all we can do to save energy and money on our electric bill.

I use this Trane thermostat. It is programmable and very easy to use.

Programable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat

Usually, we have 4 sets or time frames on these thermostats; leave, wake, sleep and return. The main purpose of this is to know when you need the house at a certain temperature.

Act now. Here are my recommended settings for a programmable thermostat.

  • LEAVE: 62 degrees
  • RETURN: 72 degrees
  • SLEEP: 68 degrees
  • WAKE: 70 degrees

This might not look that will do much difference. Much less if you don’t have a programmable thermostat. Let alone, proper thermostat management can save you 30-40% of your electric bill.

The concept here is this; have the desired temperature when we need it, not when the house is empty.

Being that, when we come back home from our daily routines, we do not want our home too cold. By the same token, saving energy does not mean to turn off the furnace while no one is home. With the same concept, do not turn off the thermostat, otherwise, the house will get too cold and it will take a long time and energy to get it to the desired temperature.

Keep appliances (furnace) well maintained. This is key to save money.

For one thing, just the service call from an HVAC expert can cost from $75 to $150, and that is just the service call.

All in all, a well-maintained furnace unit can last more than 15 years.

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Indeed, if your electric bill is getting out of control, give us a call and we will help you to get better options. Prepaid electricity or postpaid energy, we have all kind of plans.

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