Here Comes Fall – Get Your House Ready

Fall is Here

Fall is Here

Fall Is Coming – Is Your House Ready?


“Fall” is such a beautiful word.  It’s the end of sweltering weather and the beginning of bearable temperatures.  I was at Walmart with my best friend last week and saw all the heavy coats and sweaters.  Is there a more beautiful sight?  Yes, I am a person who loves cold weather.  Bring it on!

Is your house ready for cooler temps?  Texas may not be the same as Alaska, but cold weather does come here (thankfully).  Now’s the time to start getting ready, because being prepared is a great motto.  We all know we can be in shorts on Thanksgiving and then it snows on Black Friday.  Don’t procrastinate and you’ll save yourself some trouble later on.

Your Fall Checklist, Courtesy of Electricity Express:

  • Holes, cracks and gaps – Get rid of them.  Inspect your house, both inside and outside.  Look at your windows, doors, ceilings and floor.  Make sure there’s no way for hot air to escape and cold air to enter your home.  You want to pay only for the energy you actually use, remember?
  • Roof – The same advice applies here.  “Out of sight” should not mean “out of mind”.  Who knows what’s been happening up there since the last time you checked out the roof?  Climb up (be careful) and be sure things are still fine.
  • Plumbing – No one wants a burst pipe in the middle of a Texas freeze – it does happen.  No one could possibly forget the epic freeze of last winter.
  • Foundation and driveway cracks Find them and seal them.  Cracks only get worse in cold weather, because moisture that collects here will freeze, causing cracks to get larger.  Ignoring cracks just means a larger repair bill down the road.
  • Motion detectors Install one outside to light your way during the darkest months of the year.  I like this idea – our family takes out the trash the night before. Having some extra illumination would be nice.

The point, of course, is to take care of your house while you still have time.  Texas weather is predictable – we know it’s unpredictable.  That ice storm could come on Halloween or sometime in December.  Be wise and get things done now.  In the meantime, give the friendly people at Electricity Express a call, and they’ll be happy to give you a few more tips.  Electricity Express – we’ve got you covered.