Greener Energy Must Be Produced

Greener Energy Must Be Produced


We have talked about power efficiency and how to save money on electricity. But what about saving the planet?

Recent research explains how we are killing our planet The study says that the we are using and abusing the planet’s natural resources. Everything in balance is good, but the annual phenomenon is excess nutrient runoff from farms along the the Mississippi River. These nutrients feed algae growth which then consumes oxygen, creating this “dead zone”.

Dead zones are increasing in size and number; there are about 550 in the world. We can do something about this. Electricity Express doesn’t use 100% fossil based energy. We strive to help the environment by providing electricity that comes from renewable resources. The wind, tides and sun are all naturally recharged on a regular human cycle and can help protect our planet.

Currently only 17% of the planet’s (ready for consumption) energy comes from “power farms” or “energy farms”. Here in Texas we see more and more wind turbines helping the environment. While some are against this method because “they say” the turbines produce noise and aren’t attractive, we can’t even see most of these farms. The greener energy movement is growing about 30% annually, and more countries are joining the efforts to bring cleaner power.

Electricity Express encourages our customers to consume less electricity by changing our habits, to be more efficient by using greener energy and to save water. Unfortunately, even if we use greener energy we still pollute the planet. We mentioned in another posting how the lights we use to illuminate our streets pollute.

Small changes equal big improvements.  Little efforts to “go green”  can save a few bucks on your utility bill,  and you then contribute to our planet’s wellness. If you remember saying many years ago, “Why am I going to do this if it doesn’t directly affect me or my children?”,  well, the reason has arrived. Terrible farming practices along the Mississippi River during the 60’s and 70’s are now coming back to hurt us . We and future generations are affected directly by poor decisions in the past.  We must produce greener energy, or our planet won’t survive.

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