Fort Worth Astronomical Society Teaches About Light

Fort Worth Astronomical Society Teaches About Light

The Fort Worth Astronomical Society (FWAS) has an exhibit showing the differences between good and bad light.  While an astronomy club, the FWAS knows the importance of our cities having efficient lighting both in homes and on the streets.  It affects many things, including our view of the night sky.  Many of us enjoy gazing at the stars, but light pollution often hides many of them from our sight.  So according to the exhibit, what makes one light better than the other?  How does this affect our view of the night sky?  The answer is really very simple.

Bad Lights – Which way the light bulb points matters a lot.  A light that shines in all directions does help people walking outside during the evening.  But at the same time, light goes up into the sky, decreasing a street light’s effectiveness and causing more pollution.  Remember also that it does not help prevent crime, since much of its power is directed away from sidewalks and dark alleys.  Too much bad lighting, of course, also keeps us from seeing the constellations.

Good Lights – A more efficient light bulb is directed straight towards the ground.  Its energy is not wasted, and in reality it uses only half the energy of a bad light.  With this easy change, pollution is reduced, security is increased, and people will see anything that might cause them to trip.  The sky will be darker, too, making more stars reveal themselves for our enjoyment.

Other organizations offer suggestions as well.  The International Dark-Sky Association (IDSA) is the only non-profit working to save the night sky.  In addition to protecting wildlife, it also fights energy waste and light pollution.  It gives more guidelines for using light effectively while protecting our environment, particularly in small communities and subdivisions.

While we can’t do without electricity, learning to use it wisely has many benefits.  Call Electricity Express now at 855-781-6970 for more advice on cutting back on your energy usage.  Your pocketbook and the environment will both thank you.