Electricity For Students


Electricity For Students

Electricity For Students

Electricity For Students Without Complications

Summer fun is about to end, that means going back to school, and if you are a new or a returning student like me, you know you need to get ready to register for classes, and make sure you have all your books and supplies. Also if you are going to rent an apartment or dorm you will not only need to deal with packing and unpacking all of your stuff, you will need to get utilities set up. If that apartment where you moved to includes utilities then you’re done but if not  you will have to set up electricity under your name, which can sometimes be a real headache.

Electricity For Students

Electricity Express wants to help all students to relieve some stress, so we have created an electricity plans for students. These plans are design for the students who only rents the apartment for 4-6 months at the time, who don’t want to be on a 12 month contract, or have no credit.

6 Month Plan

This plan is a short term contract, with a reimbursable deposit of $50. Same day connection with no extra charge.100% clean renewable energy. Active .edu email required.

Prepaid or Pay as you go Energy

Prepaid electricity has no contract, you may cancel at any time. It helps you control your electricity usage, by sending a text message every day showing your kWh usage and remaining balance. This plan offers same day service for free as well. $30 down to start your service plus we will add $10 credit to your account. Active .edu email required.

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Electricity Express advantages, Prepaid & Postpaid Electricity Services.


  • Same day Connection – No Extra Charge 
  • See how much you save every day (prepaid)
  • ​Competitive Rates
  • ​No Contracts (prepaid)
  • No Reload Fees
  • ​Pay – As – You – Go    EZ-Flexpay (prepaid)
  • ​No Deposit (WAC or prepaid)
  • ​World Class Customer Service
  • ​Extended Hours for Sales
  • True Electricity – Pay What You Use
  • Daily Notifications of Usage (prepaid)
  • Lite-Up Texas Program is Welcome [1]


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