Cutting Electricity Bills by 85% or More

Cutting Electricity Bills by 85% or More

This is happening, and it’s happening now. People are investing in their homes and at the same time Cutting Electricity Bills by 85% or More

Cutting Electricity Bills by 85% or More

Save with solar panels

Actually, having solar panels installed in your home is like owning your electricity company.

Considering that with solar panels you are using less energy from the utility, the utilities and the governments are not very happy because we are getting things for free. The sun is out there and it’s giving free energy every day, let’s take advantage of it.

Who is who in the electricity world? Cutting Electricity Bills by 85% or More

As a matter of fact, the utility sells the delivery of the energy, the electricity companies sell the energy we use. In all this, the government will always get a piece of the pie, via taxes or surcharges. Thus, the utilities are not very happy since we will pay less for something they are used to get from all of us.

Why is only 85% or more of free electricity? Cutting Electricity Bills by 85% or More

Well, we have day and night, the solar panels don’t produce electricity during the night, and batteries are very expensive. Moreover, most of us work during the day, the time that solar panels produce most of the electricity.

However, in parts of the day, with solar panels will produce more energy that we need, and with AMS (Smart Meter) technology, the energy we don’t use, we push it back to the utility.

Since we want electricity during the night, we need to use the electricity that the utility delivers and that we buy from the electricity company. Therefore, we can’t disconnect from the grid completely.

Likewise, those kilowatts that we push back to the utility counts as credits, we use those credits when the solar panels are not producing electricity.

PV system pays for itself. Cutting Electricity Bills by 85% or More

To conclude, this is a no-brainer. Solar panels are not cheap; however, the PV system pays it by itself. When I tell you that you will be saving 85% of the electricity bill it’s true. By the same token, use those savings to pay for the PV system.

Best Christmas gift you home can get.

Solar panels for Christmas

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