Home Electricity Fastest Connection New Service

Home Electricity Fastest Connection New Service

Home Electricity Fastest Connection New Service

Home Electricity Fastest Connection New Service

How fast is the Home Electricity Fastest Connection?

First, we need to understand that the only one who can “press the button” to connect the electricity will be the utility1 in your area.

The process for Home Electricity Fastest Connection

In order to send a home electricity connection by the REP (Retail Electric Provider) to the Utility, the REP needs to (internally) verify several things such as address, meter status, pending accounts, etc.  After the order is evaluated by the REP, it will be sent to the Utility which will also evaluate the account.

If all things considered are without an issue, the Utility sends a note to the REP that all is good to go, and it will be connected in the order it was received. Considered that there are thousands of orders received every day.

What can delay a Home Electricity Fastest Connection?

However, if there is an issue with the REP, the order will not be sent to the Utility. If there is an issue on the Utility end, it will get rejected and will be sent back to the REP to resolve the issue. There could be several things the Utility can reject a home electricity order;

  • switch holds,
  • meter tampering,
  • unenergized meter,
  • delivery problems,
  • invalid address, etc.

The REP will contact the sales department to get in touch with the final customer and try to resolve the issue. A lot of this situations can be fix quick, but some can take days.

What is a really fast Home Electricity Fastest Connection?

To conclude, Home Electricity Fastest Connection can be in 20 minutes if the Utility permits it.

The Utility and the REP needs to:

  • be in normal operation hours
  • no issues through the systems between REP and the Utility
  • if a problem exists, it must be addressed before the deadline (usually before 11am)

That is right, we at Electricity Express have had customers that got their Home Electricity Fastest Connection while they are still with us over the phone.

Now, please remember that there are a lot of things to consider, we do our best to connect home energy services as soon as possible and we are good at it.

Call us, put us to the test. We know we can help.

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1Utility: builds, operates and maintains the poles, wires, meters and other electrical equipment used to deliver electricity from power plants to homes and businesses.

The Utility is charged with ensuring that electricity is delivered safely and reliably and that the frequency and duration of electric outages.