5 Ideas for Cheap Electricity This 2020 Summer

5 ways to pay less electricity in summer 2020

Summertime is part of the year when we use more electricity. Mow working from home and the kids out of school, more usage of appliances is made. Plus, I have heard that experts are saying that this may be a record high temperatures summer. We are not in summertime yet and we already reached 100 °F in Dallas, and 107 °F as the heat index.

Reduce your electricity bills this summer with these ideas. If you want to save a couple of hundred dollars this summer, you must do some effort. Most of our energy consumption comes from air conditioning. One way to keep ourselves cool is with the use of the air conditioning, however, we can lower the A/C usage.

  1. And most important, do not turn off the A/C unit if you leave the house, do this only of the house will be empty for more than 3 days.
  2. Do Not Crank It. If you set the thermostat lower than 67 the A/C unit will not stop running, this will cause 2 major problems, A/C unit may break, and your electric bill will go sky-high. Remember that every degree difference on you A/C unit will represent $10 difference on your electric bill.
  3. Ceiling fans. Use them and set the direction for the fan to spin to push the air downward, use them while in the room you are. The usage of ceiling fans will make you feel wind chill and you do not need to lower your A/C unit.
  4. Keep cool air in. Keep warm air out. Try to keep your doors and windows closed. The exchange of cool air to warm air from outside will make your A/C unit work more times.
  5. Do your laundry at night. Is not that electricity is cheaper at night, this idea comes from them throughout the day temperature. Heat is generated from the machines while doing laundry, the hottest temperature is during the day, we want to avoid generating heat when we already have heat. Do your laundry when is less warm, at night.

Cheap Electricity for This Summer

To conclude, there are many ways to save on energy, our cooling and heating system is the one who pulls the most energy out of all the appliances in the house. Let us help it with these 5 ways to pay less electricity in summer 2020.

Remember that a low kilowatt rate will save you hundreds, lower your energy consumption and save thousands.

5 Ways to Pay Less Electricity in Summer 2020

Beat the heat, pay less electricity.

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