$100 Free Energy New Offer

$100 Free Energy New Offer

We might have forgotten to tell you. Our best offer yet is $50 or even $100 in free energy. That’s right, no gimmicks, no tricks and it’s very simple to get this and to understand it. Let me elaborate a little more.

We noticed that in order for you to get a good feeling about your preferred electricity provider you have to stay long enough with the same company to enjoy the benefits. $25 of free energy to get started with a prepaid electric service won’t give you an idea of what Electricity Express can do for you. We then decided to ask you for a slightly bigger payment to initiate service with us. Are we contradicting ourselves?  No. This actually brings more to you. Yes, more money for your loyalty.

Our New Offer

If a customer starts service with us with a minimum payment of $50, Electricity Express will add $10 every month for the next 5 months. In case this is not good enough for you, check this out:

If a customer makes an initial payment of $75, Electricity Express will add $10 every month for the next 10 months.

Of course these offers are for active customers, and they must maintain the same account they had when service started.

Yeah! if you do a little math, you’ll see that our $100 Free Energy New Offer keeps more than a full month of service for free a year. You have noticed in our blog that Electricity Express is all about saving you money and helping you to use less kilowatts. We love our job, and we enjoy looking for the best practices in the utility business. Our collaborators on this site and everyone working with Payless Power know that you are the most important piece to our formula for success.


As our CEO says:


“OUR MISSION is to be tenacious and operate with an elevated sense of urgency to meet and exceed the expectations of every client and employee!”

Again and again, I thank all users and collaborators for all the efforts to bring good news for interested readers and eventually happy customers.