Switching Residential Electricity Provider

Switching Residential Electricity Provider

There are moments in life that we need to do some changes. Not everyone likes to change things because; a) we invest some time or money to make the decision to get or achieve that, b) do not know what the future will bring with the new change. For some, Switching Residential Electricity Provider is a must. Either because of the termination of a contract or because the electricity service plan is not what was expected or changed.

I would like to share my ideas on why someone should change their electricity provider. I understand that changes may not be comfortable, however, sometimes is a need. Electricity Express is here to help you to know if Switching Residential Electricity Provider is the correct thing to do and when to switch.

Switching Residential Electricity Provider

Know when is convenient

What we need to know before changing home electricity providers.

  • If there is an electricity contract on the energy plan?
  • When does the residential electricity plan expire?
  • Energy contract cancellation fees.
  • Electricity rates, the current rate compared to new energy rates.
  • Your future in your current address.


Why we should Switching Residential Electricity Provider

Indeed, Electricity Express is here to help you. We know how to read electricity bills. We will let you know if it is convenient for you to change your current electricity provider or if it is a good option to stay with the same energy company.

Usually, we don’t know how to read an electricity bill, although, all the information needed is there, most of the time, as it must be stated, important things are in the fine print or small letters.

Energy Contract Length, expiration.

Identify if the electricity plan is under a contract. Is mandatory that the electricity provider states on the bill when does a contract expires. Usually under the total to pay, by the energy plan name.

Energy contract cancellation fees.

This will not be stated on your bill, however, now that you found the name of the energy plan, you can call your energy company and ask what the cancellation fee is. In the hope that is not too much, wright it down. Due to the time remaining on the energy plan contract, this may sum up to more than $500. Many times is better to switch energy provider and pay the cancellation fee and start with a lower energy rate.

Current energy rate Vs. new energy rate offers.

Identify, exactly how much you are paying with your current energy plan. Even if you think you are paying a certain rate (because someone told you) the reality can be very different.

Are you planning to move to a new address soon?

Planning is very important when we talk about contracts. You don’t want to stay in a long-term contract when you may be moving soon. However, the electricity providers we work with can move the electricity service to where you move. In the case that the electricity provider does not offer the energy service in that area. No cancellation fee will be assessed.


All in all. This is an important decision and Electricity Express is here to help you with that decision. We want you to save money when Switching Residential Electricity Provider.

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