Switch Your Energy Company Now

Switch Your Energy Company Now

It is time to change to a new energy company.

Switch Your Energy Company Now

It is time

The March electric bills are coming historical high. The winter storm that hit Texas in February is not over until we pay our energy bills. Even though you were without power for a day or two, your energy bill skyrocket because of excessive usage. I have seen increments of 100 to 200 % on energy usage. If you see and increment in your energy rate, that is wrong, however, the usage is normal to be at least double. Switch Your Energy Company Now.

There is nothing we can do about this; the utility reads the meters, and the electricity company will send you the bill with the number of kilowatts (amount of energy used) you used multiplied by the rate that you have. I honestly believe that the energy companies will charge the correct rate, and the utilities have the correct meter reads. What we do not realize is the energy we use, sometimes we think that the temperatures do not affect our energy usage, sorry but it does.

Now it is time to change the energy company.

The main reason is that now we have the best temperatures to save energy. We must do this at all cost. Try to regain what we lost with the February winter storm.

Prepaid electricity is the best way to save energy.

Prepaid electricity is the only way to see how much energy we consume per day. With this information, we can see what we can do to save energy and pay less electricity. Modify a few habits; like the time we do our laundry, or cooking, etc. Change those habits and see which times of the day is better to do such tasks thus we are more energy efficient.


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