Solar Panels System Save Lives

Solar Panels System Save Lives

Slowly but surely, we all are leaning towards healthier and better ways to live. Solar Panels System Save Lives.

Once I read that our planet is overpopulated by 300%, with that said, how difficult is to supply all population needs with what is supposed to be for only 1/3 of us?

Sometimes, we do not care how we get things, things that are so important for us, for our simple existence. Gasoline, natural gas, electricity, water, internet, everything is just available. We rarely question how things get to us. Thankfully, living in Texas, the struggle of getting our essential needs is way less than many other parts of the world.

We have developed many ways to get our essential needs regardless of the cost. Not only monetary cost. The most expensive things are the ones we will never see again.

Electricity to power our homes and businesses is one of those things that are always there. It looks easy, and availability is just a call away. However, electricity is not easy to produce, there are so many things involved.

Solar Panels System Save Lives

Nuclear Disasters Living

Non-Renewable Energy Resources cost more than we think.

On the other hand, the cost (not monetary) to produce the tremendous amount of energy our planet need has done irreversible damage.

Chernobyl nuclear disaster ($235 billion), Fukushima nuclear disaster ($187 billion), BP oil spill ($68 billion), just to mention a few events that, irreversibly damaged our planet. For what? For the generation of energy.

The environmental damage is irreversible and permanent, not to mention the deaths that those disasters had caused.

Go Solar Panels System Save Lives

In fact, going solar does this trick and you will be more than happy to read this.

Regarding summer time extraordinary extreme heat, we demand more electricity from the grid to cool off our homes and keep food to spoil. Similar situation when in winter time we stay below normal cold temperatures for a long period of time. When this heat waves happen, the massive demand of energy makes the grid to go to its maximum capacity making it dangerous to the point of shutdown.

As mentioned on the videos above, you can see Chernobyl disaster when reactors change production dramatically. Reactors become unstable and explode.

Going solar you help to lower your energy demand to the grid. You can rest and feel free of guilt that in those cases you are not responsible for high energy demand to the grid and any kind of power outage.

Nuclear and fossil fuel production requires a lot of water resources which cause water pollution in massive scale. In contrast, energy produced by solar does not pollute any water, water is not required.

What we have done so far with solar energy production. Lower the CO2 emissions.

As a final point, just a few numbers to look at: carbon emissions reduced by 74 million metric tons, which is the equivalent to:

  • Taking 15.8 million vehicles off the road
  • 8.3 billion gallons of gas not used
  • Planting more than 1.9 billion trees
  • Shuttering 18 coal-fired power plants


Altogether we have done well, however, I know we can do way more than that. Solar Panels System Save Lives

Meanwhile, help yourself lowering your energy consumption with these ideas in my Power Blog.

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