Solar Panels Lower the Cost of Residential Electricity

Solar Panels Lower the Cost of Residential Electricity

We know that Solar Panels Lower the Cost of Residential Electricity. That’s right, we all have a monthly budget for the electricity we need.

Normally, in Texas, we spend around $ 150 a month on electricity in the home. It is difficult to live without electricity, the need to charge our cell phones, turn on our television, wash and dry our clothes, etc. It makes us depend so much on electricity.

Whatever your monthly electricity budget is, Solar Panels Lower the Cost of Residential Electricity.

Solar Panels Lower the Cost of Residential Electricity

Lower your electricity cost

In the event that you spend $ 150 of electricity per month, FreeVolt TX will make your electricity expense go down by at least 10%.

Financial cost

In numbers, it is like this.

  • If you currently pay $ 150 of electricity, in a matter of a few years you will be paying double or more.
  • If you install your solar panels, you will no longer pay the electricity company and in a few years, you will not pay anything to anyone.

Be your own generator of electricity, solar panels lower the cost of residential electricity.

It is very easy when we install a system of solar panels, the electricity consumption of the network will be dramatically reduced, in many cases it can produce up to 100% of what is consumed from the distribution network or your electricity company.

The Consumption Vs. Production.

The house consumes an amount of electricity per year, knowing how much is consumed per year, we can decipher how much production is needed to cover that annual residential electricity consumption. The production will be determined by the number of solar panels installed.

The performance

It is very important to know the performance of solar panels. All the houses and businesses are different, there are many variables to be able to determine what is the number of solar panels required for a specific house. The performance varies, only a qualified engineer can determine the production performance. By having the specific performance of a house, we can determine the size of the system to be installed.

Although two houses are similar, orientation, roof inclination, annual consumption, etc. It will be different.

A lot of options out there

We have the solution for your solar questions

Do not be fooled by a beautiful or instant solar panel design.

There are many sellers of solar panels that in their presentation take out their tablet and instantly design a solar panel system. Without knowing what the annual electricity consumption of that house is, they only sell the customer what they can install on their roof.

A well-designed solar panel system is the one that will produce the electricity that the house needs.

FreeVolt TX does the right thing.

We do not let the client send more electricity to the network than it needs. Do not give away your electricity.

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