Solar Panel System Vs. Wind Energy Generation

Solar Panel System Vs. Wind Energy Generation

We always try to find cheaper ways to get our stuff. Electricity is no different. There are several ways to get the power we need to energize our life. However, there are cheaper ways and at the same time cleaner ways to get our electricity. Solar Panel System Vs. Wind Energy Generation.

Go Green. Solar Panel System Vs. Wind Energy Generation.

Solar Panel System Vs. Wind Energy Generation 1

What is best

As a matter of fact, both ways are the cleanest methods to generate power, however, one is cleaner, cheaper and easier to come by.

Now, the question is, which one is better? Solar Panel System Vs. Wind Energy Generation

(Research Stanford University, Fall 2014)

Energy Generation by Wind

Offshore Wind Farm

Looks good?

As one of the most exploited clean ways to generate energy, as advantages, we see that is an unlimited, free, renewable resource, maintenance cost, economic value, and placement of wind harvesting facilities.

All this is good, very good; however, I would like to see the counterpart too.

Disadvantages of the Energy Generation by Wind

  • Aesthetic impact: most of the wind farms are placed in unpopulated areas, most are offshore. Still, we see a lot of these farms close to us, close to the cities and the visual effect is terrifying.
  • Wildlife: Wind turbines are dangerous and kill birds and bats by the rotating rotors.
  • Noise: Most wind turbines generate a lot of noise.
  • Safety at Sea: Is known that in the dark and in the middle of the sea boats tend to crash into these huge posts.
  • The remoteness of location: Maintenance of these wind turbines is necessary, a lot of moving parts, this task is not easy and very dangerous.
  • Distribution: As one of the major challenges is to distribute and bring to shore the energy produced by these farms that are far away from the final consumer. Aside from that, the final consumer needs to be 100% connected to the grid.

#breakfree with Solar Panels

Go Solar Now


Please, read again all the Wind Energy Generation disadvantages again.

Now, please scratch them all and see why you will choose a solar system.

  1. Can you imagine having a wind turbine in your back yard?
  2. In the case you would like to install a 10-kW wind turbine in your back yard, the investment will be around $100,000
  3. From a wind farm, wind energy must be paid for too.

When you install your own PV system you will:

  1. Indeed, owning your power company
  2. In fact, no impact, environmental, no noise, no visual, nothing to burn.
  3. Close to zero maintenance, no moving parts.
  4. Not to mention that the sun comes out every day, you will have power every day.
  5. Minimal connection to the grid.
  6. What is more, this is upgradeable at any time.
  7. A 10-kW system can cost about $30,000
  8. Let alone, 30% tax credit of the total cost of the system. (Ends in 2019)
  9. 100% pollution-free.
  10. Eventually, #breakfree from your utility company.

To conclude

As you see, there is no comparison between the Solar Panel System Vs. Wind Energy Generation.

We understand that there are a lot of questions and misconceptions. Let us help you understand how to really #breakfree from the power company and see the big picture.

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