Scams While Getting your Home Electricity

Scams While Getting your Home Electricity

Scams While Getting your Home Electricity

Scams While Getting your Home Electricity.

We understand that shopping for residential electricity may be complicated, avoid Scams While Getting your Home Electricity.

So may options for home energy out there, first we have, in Texas only, about 100 different energy companies, each one offers at least 7 different plans, and there are an infinite number of sales agents trying to get a little piece of the pie. This leads to Scams While Getting your Home Electricity.

The competitive game between residential electricity companies is impressive, however the Scams While Getting your Home Electricity doesn’t come from the energy company but the sales agents that will do anything to get your business.

Beautiful Plans

Season Pass, Energy to Go, Conserve Plus, Green All, Smart Value, Freedom, Bright Choice, Secure Advantage, Pollution Free e-Plus, Saver 2000, etc. All these energy plans sound beautiful but what is the reality, which one is best for each customer and how to be careful and avoid Scams While Getting your Home Electricity.

A lot of these sales agents will do or say anything to close a sale, like barely credible low rates or cash backs. Most of them get paid very well but only a one-time commission, therefore this becomes a “hit and run”. In short, they do not care if you will get what you really need.

In my opinion this is wrong. Electricity Express has been in business for more than 10 years. We are brokers, and we can sell for several energy companies, we have the best plans on the market and we know how help the customers, we ask the right questions and we offer what is best for the customer.

Because energy rates are a bit confusing and sometimes are not easy to understand. If someone is selling you an energy plan under 7 cents per kWh, he is not telling you the whole truth, that might be the ENERGY CHARGE ONLY. There are a lot more charges that you need to consider.

Home Electricity Most Important charges are:

  • Energy Charge
  • Passthrough Charges:
    • Utility Charge
    • Distribution
    • Recovery
  • TDSP:
    • Recovery
    • Delivery
    • Transmission
  • Base Charge
  • Sales & Gross Taxes

As a result, when a sales agent is telling you the energy charge and he is missing the rest of the “surcharges”, it sounds very nice but when the bill comes you will see that he missed those charges in purpose since he just wanted to close a sale.

Electricity Express will give you the rates as close as possible to a reality of what you will pay; we can break down the rate and explain you what is each of the charges.

All charges I listed above are inevitable, no way out of them.

Call us today for a accurate honest quote.

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