Save On Energy While You Are On vacation

Save on energy while you are on vacation

Save on energy while you are on vacation

Save on energy while you are on vacation

This is the time we are getting ready for some deserved vacations. Almost 2 years since Covid hit the world and many of us were stranded. Now that things look better, many of us are planning our vacations to have a relaxed time with our loved ones. Save on energy while on vacation with a few tips that will help you lower your electricity bill and keep your home safe.

In the light of vacation, I’m always thinking; what will happen to my house? If the house is empty, what is the most efficient way to keep the appliances and not make them crash while I’m gone? What are the electronics or appliances that can break or get damaged if the power goes out? What can I do to save money while I’m on vacation and the house will be alone for a few days?

Save electricity when no one is home

In the first place, it is important the time we will be out of the house. For how long our home will be without humans that need the appliances to work at their best potential. Then, what things can be harmful because they are left unattended. Indeed, we are talking when we leave the house unattended for more than 3 days.

With that said, let’s think about our animals and plants. Then we can think about our appliances. So, our animals can’t be left alone for many hours. Some can be alone for days but not all can be self-maintained. Plants are life forms too, if you leave them unattended, they will die. In particular, if you have animals, see who pet-sit can or can stop by your house twice a day and check on them.

Pay less electricity when you are not home

Remember that one of the appliances that use most of the electricity at home is the air conditioner and the heating unit. If you do not have plants or animals in the house, you can easily turn off the A/C or heating unit. If you have plants and animals, you can leave the thermostat at 65˚F in the winter and 85˚F if it’s summer vacation.

The water heater has a “vacation mode”, please set this one up if you will be gone for more than 3 days.

Leave curtains and blinds closed, kitchen cabinets open in case of a freeze.

Make sure you unplug all appliances and electronics that do not need to be plugged. No need for vampire appliances to drag energy while we are not in the need of those appliances.

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