Save on Energy, Send Us Your Bill

Lower your electricity bill. Snap it, send it, save on energy.

Electricity Express would like to revolution the way home electricity is offered. We have been in business for more than 12 years and we know electricity very well. With that said, we have seen many energy sales agents out there without principles. Indeed, they are just looking for a catch to give any energy plan is available. We want to be different, Save on Energy, Send Us Your Bill is a campaign that we are launching today.

The idea of this campaign, Save on Energy, Send Us Your Bill, is to give to our potential customers an idea of what in reality they are paying for their electricity. Believe it or not, 75% of consumers overpay for their services, especially utility and electricity services. Notably, many Texas residents think that since they have a well-advertised energy company they are in good hands. In all honesty, that does not mean that they are with the correct plan and energy rate.

This is where we come in, lower your electricity bill, snap it, send it, save. We encourage you to send us your electricity bill and we will study it and will tell you the truth.


You don’t have to trust us yet, you can cover, erase, tap, all your personal information. Considering your privacy as we consider ours, we only need to see a few things. We will investigate the energy usage, energy base charge, utility charges, non-energy related charges, past charges and totals.

Save on Energy, Send Us Your Bill

Do you know how to read this?

Send me your electric statement, we will calculate your energy savings

Knowledge is power, with that said, we would like to give you that power.

Although we all pay for our electricity bill, a lot of us we don’t know exactly how all those charges come from. Utility charges, energy charges, etc. We can explain in detail what all those charges are. Now that you understand those charges, you can identify if your electricity plan is the right for you.

To illustrate that, as a good fortune, I have friends in all areas of Dallas Texas, wealthy areas and not so fortunate ones. Either way, I have seen residents that, even they think they know what they did, they signed up with an electricity company and energy plan that is not the right one. I have a friend in Frisco Texas, financially well situated, however, by the time I studied his electricity bill I came to the conclusion that he was not in the right energy plan and I was able to save him more than $400 per year by switching his electricity service to one of our preferred electricity providers. That is not all, those $400 energy savings included his cancellation fee.

So, what I’m trying to say here is this; even if you can do some math, you could be overpaying for your home electricity service.

Home electricity is a need for us. With that said, a lot of us pay for whatever the electricity company is charging us. In other words, we do not care about the details. But let me tell you this, a better life is when you know that you are paying a fair price for the things you get. Let us do that work for you with your electricity bill. Either way, if you choose to get electricity with one of our preferred energy providers or not, we will give you that important information for when it’s time to do so. In the same way, we will share the knowledge of energy-saving tips. Read more in our Power Blog.

What if your current energy plan is not the correct one for you?

Which is the cheapest electricity company in Texas

Too many options for residential electricity?

In contrast, when a crooked sales agent sells an energy plan without knowing the customer’s needs, the customer may be in an energy plan that is not forecasted for this customer-specific needs. As an example, there are “early bird” families and they are ready to go to bed by 9 PM, why does someone need to have a “free nights” energy plan if they are in bed? Or a “free Weekends” energy plan when the family is crazy about sports and they spend their weekends out with the kids in soccer, football, hockey, you name it, games all day long. On the other hand, there are families that will enjoy those free energy times very well.

Considering that knowledge is power, there is a way to know your energy usage every day. One of my favourite energy plans is prepaid electricity with Payless Power. That is to say, because this energy plan will send you a text or email notification every day of your home energy consumption. The fact that you will know your usage, you can test and try different ways to use your appliances, the time you use those appliances. As an example, many of you do laundry on your day off, however, it is much better to do this task at night than during the day. Read more energy-saving ideas in our Power Blog.

Before and after sending us your energy usage and trends

What will happen after you send your utility bill to us?

All in all, you win. So, you send the electricity bill, we tell you what your options are. Right after you know that you are with the correct energy plan and the lowest possible electricity rate, we will encourage you to change a few things on your daily tasks and you will see how your energy consumption will decrease.


To conclude, I would like to say that you do not need to become a customer of ours to get our help. However, we know that you will refer us to some of your friends and family. Not only that, our process takes about 5 minutes and we can do it all over the phone.

Let’s be human again and help each other. Sharing our knowledge to empower your right to choose the correct energy and electricity company is what we believe in. Save on Energy, Send Us Your Bill, we know we can help.