Save more electricity summertime ideas 3

Save more electricity summertime ideas 3

Change your air filter and save more electricity summertime idea 3. Yes, I know I have blogged plenty of times about how to use your air conditioner. However, this appliance is the one that uses the most of our energy every month. Running an air conditioner efficiently is easy and very cost-effective. I will present you with a quick video on how to change your air filter in no time.

Is a good idea to change your air filter often. If you live in an apartment, the maintenance people will change the filter once a year, not only that is wrong, but they will also install the cheapest filter possible. After all the rent you pay, they will use a filter that costs about $2. Yes, those green filters cost about $2, and they are just to trap debris, those do not filter any air.

You can change it and take care of it yourself. A high-quality filter could cost you about $15. You will have better air quality and you will not have to change it every month. I do suggest changing it every season.

Save more electricity summertime ideas 3 with a new air filter is easy.

Accessing your A/C intake may take about 3 minutes and one screwdriver. Take out the retainer and take note of the size of the A/C filter. Go to your local hardware store and get your new filter, you can get packs of 4 filters for about $40 which will last you one full year.

Save electricity changing your A/C filter

Replace the old filter:

  • Remove the intake cover.
  • Take note of the arrow which tells you in which direction the air flows.
  • Slide-out the old filter.
  • Insert the new filter paying attention to the arrow showing the airflow.
  • Reinstall the intake cover.

This idea can save you 20-30% of your yearly energy cost. We are talking about (in some cases) $300-$400 per year.

Running all appliances efficiently can be challenging but I do believe that you are not only saving hundreds of dollars, but you are also making better living space for yourself and your family.


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