Save Energy and Your Home this Christmas – Water Your Christmas Tree

Save Energy and Your Home this Christmas – Water Your Christmas Tree

Last week we blogged about how to set your Christmas lights. Moreover, we would like to talk about the importance of maintaining those Christmas lights and Christmas tree. Save Energy and Your Home this Christmas – Water Your Christmas Tree.

Usually, the man of the house is the one in charge of the Christmas lights. As men, we always try to save as much money and time as possible. With this in mind, we recycle everything we can, that means Christmas lights too.

Maintain your Christmas lights, avoid a fire hazard.

Let’s keep the lifespan of our Christmas lights short, in the hope that they are in good shape. Otherwise, with the pulling and stretching from setting every year the wires can be damaged and create a short.

Save Energy and Your Home this Christmas – Water Your Christmas Tree

Dry tree increase risk of fire

Besides, Christmas lights short can set fire to the Christmas tree in a matter of seconds, especially if the Christmas tree is not maintained correctly. The tree just needs to be watered, very simple and can save your home and life.

Save Energy and Your Home this Christmas – Water Your Christmas Tree

Yes, water your Christmas tree is a must if not… look at this video.


If you have a natural Christmas tree, just add water every 3 days in order to keep it as live as much as possible and keep it moist. If so, the tree will take as much as 20 times less probability to lit in case of fire caused by a short of the Christmas lights.

Add sugar water into the tree stand.

With this intention (depending on the size of the tree still, for a medium size tree), 2 cups of sugar water must be added every other day. Check the water level every day.

Spray the whole tree with water. Precautions.

You can also spray water to the tree. Even more, precautions when spraying the tree; make sure the Christmas lights unplugged from the main outlet, use room temperature water, spray the tree once a day.

All in all, we want to keep the tree as moist as possible to prevent excessive amounts of needles from falling off and make the tree less likable to catch on fire.

More importantly, we should keep our Christmas trees lit while we can keep an eye on it. We would like the lights on all night throughout the holiday season, but even so, we don’t really need that.

Save energy, pay less on your electricity bill this Christmas.

With that in mind, shorten the time you have your Christmas lights on, with a remote outlet controller, turn off all lights when everyone goes to bed. Rest assured that you will save a lot on your electricity bill and you will be sleeping better knowing that your Christmas lights won’t cause any damage to your lovely home.

Save on energy now.

Follow our Power Blog for more energy saving tips, not only for this Christmas time, we have ideas for all year long energy savings.

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