Save Electricity with Low Rates

We would all like to pay less for the electricity we consume. Increasingly we depend on residential electricity. Electricity Express wants to help you find the best prices for you to save electricity with low rates.

Save Electricity with Low Rates

Best Electricity Rates

There are many ways to save electricity at home, in our Power Blog you can find ideas such as:

  • Make better use of the thermostat
  • Save water, especially hot water
  • Correct use of ceiling fans
  • At what time and how to wash and dry your clothes
  • Cover air leaks through windows and doors, etc.


In addition to implementing those ideas, with Electricity Express you will find the best residential electricity rates. We work with more than 15 electricity companies. We do this to provide excellent service and the best electricity rates. This way, with a single call you can find low rates with prepaid electricity and contract electricity.

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Prepaid Residential Electricity

This service is where you pay in advance for the electricity you will use. Here I list some features:

  • No credit check; no need to give identification number or social security number
  • The connection is free and very fast; normally the service connects in less than an hour.
  • A security deposit is not required, what you pay is for the electricity you will use.
  • There are no contracts. You can start the residential electricity service with the confidence that if you do not like the electricity service, you can cancel it.
  • See how much you consume or save every day. This is unique in residential electricity, every day you will be sent a message of what you are spending on energy. This way, you can see if any effort to save electricity is worth it.

Electricity with a contract, which sends you a statement every month.

This residential electricity service gives you the peace of mind that you only have to make one payment per month.

  • It is available to all.
  • In case you do not pass the credit check, we will find the best rate with the lowest possible deposit.
  • Electricity rates are low and fixed; normally, the contracts are 12 months. During the contract, the rate will not change.
  • In case a deposit is required, this deposit is refundable at the end of the contract.
  • Fast connection; residential electricity plans with contract connect in approximately 2 hours.

As you can see, Electricity Express has thousands of ways to help you. Save Electricity with Low Rates.

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Save Electricity with Low Rates