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Is renewable energy cheaper?

Is renewable energy cheaper?

Is renewable energy cheaper?


Renewable energy turns out to be cheaper in terms of the long term, usually if you want, for example, to use solar panels in your home, the investment may be a little high, for example in the state of Texas you could invest around $ 25,000. In other places like Colorado the situation is different because people are more familiar with renewable energy and more and more people make use of it.


When is it convenient for us to invest in renewable energy?


If you want to achieve long-term savings, you could consider investing in renewable energy, there are several types of renewable energy including wind and solar energy. In the case of Texas, we can see that the use of solar energy is more common. Renewable energy is also beneficial because you could sell the accumulated energy that you did not use.


What should we consider when investing in renewable energy?


  1. Study:  cost / benefit.
    1. Equipment cost and installation.
    2. Discounts on taxes.
    3. Sell surplus energy, who buys.
  2. Added Home Value
    1. $200K – $320K Home value.
  3. Return of investment (ROI)


In the last years there has been a considerable costs reduction of renewable energy, the cost for solar panels installation, for example, has decreased by 70% since 2010.


The renewable energy also turns out to be beneficial in the employment area. For example, Iowa, wind energy resulted in the creation of 9000 new jobs. Besides being cheaper than coal, it also promotes job increasing. In the renewable energy field, more jobs can be generated than jobs in the coal field. In the US more and more Americans work in the solar energy field than in coal. In Colorado, for example, employment in this field increased by 20 percent from 2015 to 2016.


In conclusion, we can add that renewable energy, besides being more economical than other types of energy, turns out to be beneficial for the environment, thus reducing pollution and the consumption of natural resources.


Is it possible for the United States to operate entirely based on renewable energy?


Future will give us the answer, but renewable energy is increasing every day.


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