Residential Electricity set up for your new home

Residential Electricity set up for your new home


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So you did it, moved out your parent’s house onto a new path in life. Maybe you bought your first house. Excited to start fresh again. A new house that will become home to your family, a shelter where you can breathe after a long day at work. I’m here to talk about what will power your home for a fraction of what you would pay with the wrong electricity company. Residential Electricity set up for your new home can be a piece of cake. 


Save money when you choose Electricity Express:

By working with multiple electricity companies, we do the job to compare electricity rates for you. No more calling every number you find on google search, reach me and I’ll compare all the top best electricity providers and give you choices as to what plan you think would fit you and your family best. 

Fixed electricity rate plans available for your new home:

What is a fixed-rate electricity plan? For a short explication, a fixed-rate plan is a contract that could run from as short as 6 months to 12 months +. These contracts start you off with a specific electricity rate and the contract will remain the same for as long as you have that contract. Even if the market rates fluctuate, your fixed-rate contract plan with us will allow you to keep the price you started with. No longer stress about not knowing what your electricity rate will be next month because it will remain the same low electricity rate that you started with.

Short in money and don’t want to pay a deposit for your electricity:

Money may be short, however, we understand you have your new place now and there is a lot you have to cover to move into a new home. Electricity Express still wants to supply your Power because you and your family need it. Our Pay as you go energy service lets you connect your power the same day and with No Deposit required. Start the electricity service and get notified of how much energy you are consuming day by day. Give me a call, ask me for more details about this service at 469.698.3331.


Move-In Made easy:

Listen, moving to a new place takes time and energy out of your hands. I know you still have to go to work, take care of the meals at home, take care of the children if you are a parent. Let me help you cover the hassle of looking for a good electricity company. A good company that’s going to have your back. Electricity is necessary for you and your family. Choose Electricity Express 

We have the best offers, the best service, fast and easy. Give me a call to check out your options, settle with the best company. 

Residential Electricity set up for your new home

Residential Electricity set up for your new home

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