Residential Electricity for You. Get it by yourself

Residential Electricity for You

Residential Electricity for You

Residential Electricity for You. Get it by yourself, it’s for you.

Sometimes it gets hard to get things, good things, like Residential Electricity for You, get it by yourself.

When a customer asks for a residential electricity plan with a contract, in other words, to have a fixed rate and a monthly statement, the energy company will perform a credit check. Residential Electricity for You. Get it by yourself, it’s for you.

What happen when the customers don’t get approved for their residential electricity with their own credit? A lot of customers try to find “someone” to “borrow” their personal information to see if they pass the credit check. A lot of things can go wrong here. Residential Electricity for You

First, let me say that Electricity Express strives to get the best for their customers, we do our best to pass the credit check for each customer, if there is no credit at all we offer other solutions.

Let’s face it, and the rule is simple;

How an energy company will give credit to someone who has not establish any credit?

Customers would like to start electricity service without a payment, I get it but, we must understand that the cost of electricity is high and somehow the energy company needs to trust the customer that is reliable and will stay with the energy company for a while and not leave a high unpaid bill.

While searching to pay nothing to start the Residential Electricity, get it by yourself, and the credit check fails, a lot of customers search for a friend or relative to pass the credit check, a social security number and a name match will be required, but is not theirs, most of the time, they do not care.

If the customer leaves an unpaid bill, the electricity company will try to do everything it can to collect that bill, if they can’t collect it, they will sell that unpaid bill to a 3rd party collection agency and those are the ones who will ruin the credit. Residential electricity For You.

Besides that, it’s considered fraud, you can harm your friend or relative. Residential electricity For You

If you do not have enough credit to get an energy plan or contract without a deposit, accept the fact the that you will need to pay a deposit or go for a “no credit check” plan or prepaid.

We are here to help, and remember that most of the deposits are refundable. In the case you want to try Prepaid Electricity Services, we can help you to understand how it works, it’s very easy, however there are plenty of details to consider and make this plan suitable for anyone.

Do not hesitate to call us with any question regarding your residential electricity, we know we can help.

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Electricity Express advantages, Prepaid & Postpaid Electricity Services.


  • Same day Connection – No Extra Charge 
  • See how much you save every day (prepaid)
  • ​Competitive Rates
  • ​No Contracts (prepaid)
  • No Reload Fees
  • ​Pay – As – You – Go    EZ-Flexpay (prepaid)
  • ​No Deposit (WAC or prepaid)
  • ​World Class Customer Service
  • ​Extended Hours for Sales
  • True Electricity – Pay What You Use
  • Daily Notifications of Usage (prepaid)
  • Lite-Up Texas Program is Welcome [1]


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