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Residential electricity fair rates. We want to help you see if your electricity company is charging you just enough. We know that not everyone understands the utility and utility charges. Which are 2 different entities. In this video, we explain how to send your bill to us so we can help you understand the energy charges and utility power delivery charges.

The idea of ​​this campaign is that you have the confidence to send us your bill of light, I explain what information we need and what information is not necessary to help you calculate your electricity rate accurately.

In this video, I share important information about your home’s electricity bill. We would like you to know how to read all your energy loads. There are ENERGY CHARGES, UTILITY CHARGES and more. Very few electricity users know where all the energy charges come from.

Honestly, most charges add quite a lot to the bill, however, we must understand how electricity companies work. They bill us for the electricity we use at home or in the business. Basically, the energy charge comes from the REP or the retail electricity supplier, they sell us the kilowatts we use. T

hen there are the public service charges, those are the shipping costs. The utility company is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that makes energy reach our homes. The public service is responsible for maintaining power lines, towers, transformers, etc. But the most important thing is that they read the energy meter, which is sent to the REP. Then the REP bills us. For more information, call 844 236 0382

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Trust Electricity Express, Residential Electricity Fair Rates

Here at Electricity Express, we have more than 12 years of experience selling residential and commercial electricity. We know how the energy charges are, both from the utility and the electricity company charges. It is not easy to understand how residential electricity is charged.

One of the best ways to see if we are paying just for the electricity in our home is knowing what the charges are for each entity. There are the utility or public services goats, the electricity company charges and taxes.

Energy delivery charges, utility charges explained

Now, within the utility charges, there are many charges that are very complicated and difficult to understand. As they are: quality, distribution, recovery, transmission, etc. In fact, we do not need to know in detail what the utility charges. These delivery charges can never get out of them and we will always have to pay them. There are electricity companies that separate TDSP charges in detail in the bill of light. Now, it is not necessary to know all the details of the TDSP, and in reality, we just have to pay them.
TDSP is the transmission and distribution of energy in Texas. They are responsible for regulating the communication between the final consumer and the light seller. Namely, they are also responsible for controlling the delivery of electricity in each home and business. They supervise as electricity arrives from the power generator that can be thousands and thousands of miles away. The utility is also responsible for keeping the lines, posts, light transformers, etc. in good condition. But the most important thing is that the utility does the reading of kilowatts that a residence consumes.

How residential electricity is charged

So, we have what the light company charges, these days a competitive energy charge is about 5.3 cents per kilowatt-hour. Then, we have the delivery charges for electricity or utility at 3.8 cents per kilowatt-hour consumed. Then there are the monthly base charges of each entity. Adding those two are like $ 15. And finally, Uncle Sam. Of course, we have to pay taxes. In the end, we have an average of 9.8 cents per kWh.

We as electricity sellers have a responsibility to help the consumer what residential electricity is about and the difference between electricity charges and the delivery of energy by the utility. Likewise, we must explain that residential electricity rates may vary depending on the average energy use in the home. Although in most residential electricity plans this variation is minimal, in some cases it is very large.

We want to help energy users what they are really paying on their residential electricity bill.

Residential Electricity Fair Rates

Lets look at your energy bill

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