Save Electricity – Autumn Is Coming – Prepare Your Home

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Save Electricity – Autumn Is Coming – Prepare Your Home

Save Electricity – Autumn Is Coming – Prepare Your Home

Fall Comes to Texas, Save On Energy

Autumn is such a beautiful word. Fall brings the end of the heat and the beginning of lower temperatures.

Is your home ready for cooler temperatures? Texas may not be the same as Alaska, but the cold does come. It is right now that we must prepare for the arrival of Autumn. We well know that on Thanksgiving we can wear shorts, but by Black Friday it’s already snowing. Let’s not waste time and save trouble later.


Electricity Express shares this list of what to check before Fall arrives:

  1. Holes and cracks – Get rid of them. Inspect your home inside and out. Check the windows, doors, ceilings, and floors. Make sure hot air doesn’t escape and cold air doesn’t get in. Let’s remember that we only want to pay for the energy we consume.
  2. Roof – The same advice can be applied in this case. ” Out of sight ” does not mean the same as ” out of mind ”. We don’t know what’s happened up there since we last checked the roof. Very carefully, go upstairs to check the condition of your roof to make sure everything is in perfect condition.
  3. Plumbing – Nobody wants a damaged pipe in the middle of frost in Texas – this does happen. No one can forget the frosty epic of winter last year.
  4. Cracks in the garage – Find them and seal them. Cracks are worse during cold weather because the moisture accumulated by cracks freezes, causing the cracks to enlarge. Ignoring cracks means higher repair costs, as they can extend to the street.
  5. Motion detector – Install one outside your home during the darkest months of the year so you can see when you get home or can conveniently take out the trash.

The point is, of course, prevention. Taking care of your home while there is time is the best advice we can give you. The weather in Texas, we can say, is predictable: we know it is unpredictable. This ice storm can arrive in both October and December. Be wise and have everything ready now.

In the meantime, give the Electricity Express team a call, they’ll be happy to give you more tips for the Fall. At Electricity Express we care about your well-being.


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