My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off

My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off

Crazy High Electricity Bill

My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off

In more than 10 years selling utilities, I have heard this so many times: My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off.

Initially, I was selling home phone services, then we figure that selling electricity goes hand to hand. Not long after we start with the first electricity company we start hearing the same phrase over and over; My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off.

Approximately, there are about 150 electric companies in Texas. Therefore, too many options to choose from. With this said, it’s not easy to find a way to file a complaint. Trust me, there is help.

First of all, it is important to realize what is the reality, if really My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off.

Let’s face it, not everyone knows how to read an electricity company bill. Actually, those electricity bills are not easy to read, if we do not understand how the electricity company is billing us, how can we say that My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off?

After all, it’s not easy to say that our energy usage is high or low. Who do we compare with? Our neighbor? Does your neighbor have the exact chores at home than you?

In my case, I Compared apples to apples, I saw that it was false that My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off.

Consequently, I saw that the one that was ripping me off it was me. I did not know how to use my home electricity. Therefore, I changed a lot of things; light bulbs, appliances, chores schedule like wash and dry clothes, the way I use water, especially hot water.

The most important change was my home electricity company. I switched to Payless Power. Yes, it is a prepaid electricity company. Regardless of what most people say about prepaid electricity, I saw my saving energy efforts immediately.

In brief, one of the best features of this prepaid electricity company is the daily text notification. This feature can tell me how much energy I use every day. This means that if I changed something in my daily tasks trying to see if I saved energy, I will notice that the next day.

Electricity companies with traditional billing, month to month, can’t tell you your daily efforts of saving energy. They just send you a bill once per month. You can’t figure why your electricity usage is so high or so low.

Send me your electricity company bill, I will study it and I’ll give you the best answer possible.

  1. High rate.
  2. Overcharges.
  3. If is convenient to pay contract cancellation.
  4. Variable rate.
  5. Correct meter reading.
  6. Etc.

In closing, I have seen so many cases that the customer has a great electricity company, good electricity rate, and all. However, the customers do not know how to use their home electricity.

Electricity bill

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My Electricity Company is Ripping Me Off