Monitor Your Solar Performance

We have received numerous calls about how to track the PV system performance.

The answer is easy, we usually use one inverter, not micro inverters. This inverter is a computer connected to the PV system that is connected to the home network or Wi-Fi. This is the one that communicates with you and us and sends the data to monitor your solar performance.

Monitor your solar performance

Monitor PV Performance

What is monitored on your solar system?

  • DC voltage
  • AC voltage
  • Solar energy collected
  • The electrical energy consumed and produced
  • Temperatures

Usually, these are the most common items that an inverter will monitor. In the case that any of these measurements change, the inverter will notify the user and FreeVolt that something is wrong.

The FreeVolt difference. Monitor Your Solar Performance

The first thing FreeVolt will do is to make a call to the owner and ask if he or she made any adjustments to the network or router. Any changes to the router will change the communication from the inverter to our central office. If that is the case, we will have to reconfigure the router communicates with the inverter. This way we will continue the inverter communication.

In the case that nothing was changed to the router, then we will have to do an investigation. A visual inspection will take place.

Inspecting the PV system if failure.

After communication with the inverter is checked and the problem persists, the inspector will check on these potential problems:

  • Structural; all mounting, racking, panels, etc. may be out of place
  • Electrical; any connectivity problem, from the modules, to the array to the inverter
  • Shade; a new shade that was not when the system was designed (trees can grow fast)
  • Non-commissioned; systems that are not monitored by anyone, not verified of its installation will have several things that may go wrong.

FreeVolt TX will make things right. From giving the best rate out there, to the best service. Having the tools to monitor your solar performance is key to have a great relationship with our customers.

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