Love your energy rate

Love your energy rate 

Love your Energy rate

Love your Energy rate

Say, do you ever look at your electricity bill and wonder why in the world the bill is so high?

In all honesty, If you try your best to minimize your energy consumption, then you should be able to receive a low balance due on your electricity bill. Unfortunately, since there are so many electricity companies in competition, we are often misled by the wrong electricity company. However, Electricity Express can guide you to the different options of electricity plans that can save you hundreds in 2020. It is our mission to get you to love your energy rate


Residential Energy that you will fall in Love with

When it comes down to catching up on your favorite tv show or prepping the kitchen to prepare dinner for your family, we could all agree that the electricity running through our home helps us achieve the majority of what we love to do at home. Not to mention, how else would you charge your phone to stay connected with your friends and family? How would you power your stove to cook yourself a nice warm meal? Electricity at home helps us stay connected to the new age. 


The electricity you will love:

  • Keeping your house warm in the winter.
  • Keeping your house cold in the summer.
  • Charge our phones, laptops, tablets.
  • Warm-up food in the microwave.
  • Electricity service helps turn on our TV.
  • Energy connection powers our video game systems at home for entertainment.
  • Power helps us get laundry done: washer and dryer.
  • Electricity will power your light to make every day a bright one. 
Love your energy rates

Love your energy rates


Fixed electricity plans will offer you the cheapest energy rate.

By calling us we will give you options, not only this but, options mean you can choose what you can fit your needs better. Options mean you have the control to better your future electricity bills. Sometimes we just need a little push, indeed, sometimes we need to see our options in front of us. We have services for as short as 6-month plans and if you are looking for something more long term we have a 12-month plan and up. Fixed rates will offer you the cheapest electricity rates. Considering fixed-rate plans can mean significant amounts of savings for months, think about it. Love your energy rate.


Pay-as-you-Go home electricity same-day energy service.

When looking for fast energy connection we also supply prepaid electricity. As I think about prepaid it is my opinion that its possibly the best electricity for those houses that are under construction. When you only need electricity for a week or two it is economical no need for contracts. Not everyone understands the term “PrePaid”, the way you can remember this term is like when you fill up your car’s gas tank; we prepay for gas to get to point “A” to point “B”. When we pay for gas we are buying the product before actually consuming it in a like manner, some of us electricity consumers prepay for electricity before actually consuming the electricity power. It has very good advantages. Prepaid electricity helps us understand what exactly we are doing at home that makes us consume energy, this service teaches us that we are capable of minimizing our electricity consumption, therefore, helping us PayLess for energy.  Paying as you go, this electricity is a service that is initiated with no contracts, more importantly, no contracts mean no need to pay a deposit. Anyone can qualify for residential electricity, therefore, give us a call to get power today. Love your energy rate.

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