Little Things that Raise Your Electricity Usage and Bill

Little Things that Raise Your Electricity Usage and Bill

Electricity usage and your bill obviously go hand-in-hand.  Everyone knows that the more power that you use, the more your bill increases.  Yet even so, your statement often seems like a mystery.  Every month you pay it, and your balance is then zero.  You are free and clear.  But the next month your bill is up again, and you must make yet another payment.  What happened?  Utility bills are like that carnival game where the mole pops up, and your job is to whack it with your mallet.  No matter how many times you try, that mole keeps reappearing.  Electric bills are similar.  Despite your efforts to reduce your electricity usage, that bill goes up.  What’s going on?  The team at Electricity Express has a few insights for you.

Obviously big things such as air-conditioning, refrigerators, etc. drive up your bill.  But a lot of other culprits that seem unimportant are putting pennies and dollars on your bill, including:

  • The number of people living in the home: This is straightforward.  One person uses far less electricity than five people.  If you are trying to stop leaving lights on all the time, it’s much easier to train yourself than an entire family.
  • Doors: Every time a door is opened, the air outside and inside swap places.  The heater or AC then works harder to return the air temperature back to normal.
  • Body heat: If you’ve ever thrown a party, you’ll remember how hot your home got.  All those visitors generate a lot of body heat, which raises your home’s temperature.  That’s why that AC thermostat keeps going down and down.
  • Vampire appliances: Unplug those appliances that drain energy.  With the exception of the TV, clocks and freezer/refrigerator, unplug everything, including computers, cell phone chargers, curling irons, blenders, etc.  Remember that even when something is turned off, it still uses electricity if it’s plugged in

Unless you live in a tent, you will always have an electric bill.  But you aren’t powerless over how much you pay each month.  By remembering a few simple things, you will see your bill go down.


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