How affordable are solar panels?

How affordable solar panels are?

In the last 2 decades, solar systems prices have changed quite a lot. The technology is evolving too, however the most dramatic change we see it in how affordable solar panels are.

Solar technology is something that was not invented recently, it has been around for decades. Let me explain to you how affordable solar panels are.

Do you remember the first solar cell-powered calculators? Yes, the ones that if you cover the solar cell with your finger the calculator will turn off. Well, those are still around and using the same old technology.

Solar Panel Calculator

Solar Panel Calculator

Indeed, solar has evolved and made a revolution in the energy industry. What that said, and as all technology has a learning and evolution curve. At the same time, availability is key to know how affordable solar panels are.

Back in the day, a single solar module was about $5,000. Now we can find a solar module in Amazon for $150. However, not all solar modules are the same and serve the same purpose.

Solar technology now

Nowadays, solar technology it’s at its peak, I truly believe that not a lot of changes we will see in the next 15 years. With this said, we have reached the breaking point and solar production is as affordable as other energy resources. However, solar energy is the cleanest way to produce electricity.

Indeed, we have reached the point that solar is more affordable than ever. Our technology has the best of all worlds. Now with PV Graf.

  • 30-year warranty on the modules and craftsmanship
  • 10-year (with possible extension) warranty on inverters
  • Resistant to hail damage

These are the most critical points we are all concerned about solar modules.

Going back to our subject, and to clarify how affordable solar panels are, this is the way we must look at it when receiving a solar system proposal.

Let’s start questioning ourselves; How much energy do I need? Would a solar system cover my electricity needs?

We design a solar system with the intention to cover 100% of the electricity needs. However, not all houses are “solar ready”. We determine the production by several aspects; orientation, shading, roof inclination, year-round solar exposure, etc.

How affordable solar panels are?

Man with calculator

You can afford it

And the answer is: the same as you pay on your electricity bill will be the same you pay for your solar system. In other words, if you can afford to pay for your electricity, you can pay for the solar panels.

In other words, if your average payments of electricity are $200, we will design a solar system that matches those $200. So, with a solar system, and if the system produces 100% of the house electricity needs. Now, your electricity usage will be 0. As for the electricity company will charge $0 (plus the utility connection, average $10 per month). The payments for the solar system will be around $190 – $200.

In the case that the solar system can only produce part of your electricity needs, well, that will be what will be offset from your electricity bill. Those savings are the same amount you will pay for the solar system.

To conclude, don’t think that going solar is to pay the solar system plus your electricity. When you go solar, you stop paying the electricity company what you are producing from your solar system.

Eventually, your solar system will be yours completely, then your electricity spent will be just the connection fee to the utility. Remember that we use the Utility as our battery backup.

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