Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money

Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money

Home insulation is something that we don’t really want to talk about, we just leave that alone, however we need to understand that Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money.

We think that is expensive and complicated, at the same time, that it’s only possible done by a certified technician or company. Yes, an insulation company may be a solution, nevertheless not the only one. Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money.

I start digging in to this necessary step for your home to be more efficient and I figure that it is easier that I thought. Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money and lots of it. Unlikely other home improvement projects are super complicated, this is not as it looks like. All you need to do is set it in your mind and just do it.

Doing it yourself may cost you around $300, comparatively a specialist may go from $500 to $1000 depending on the size of you house.

Thus, you still need to be careful and use the right equipment and gear, specially the safety gear.

Additionally, home insulation is not only setting the asbestos in the attic, looking at other ways to keep your home cool or warm, such as sealing door and window cracks is part of the project.

Window and door cracks. Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money.

First, let’s identify where the cold or hot air is escaping from our home. Why we must do this? Part of this project is to help the air conditioner and the furnace to work less and better. To do this leak check, we can use light or smoke, I found this quick video how to do it.

A lot of times I rely in the expertise of the guys at my favorite toy store  https://www.homedepot.com/

They have good ideas and reasonable prices, I can feel great about myself doing it by myself as well. Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money.

Additionally, improve and lower the cost of your energy bill with a great energy company.

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Enroll yourself into savings.

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