Home Electricity, are in good hands?

Home Electricity, are in good hands?

How to know if we have the best possible energy company? How to know if our current electricity company is being fair to us? Do we know if the energy plan I have is the most convenient electricity plan for my energy needs? Home electricity, are in good hands?

Home Electricity, are in good hands?

Let us tell you the truth

Indeed, everyone uses their home energy in a different way. I mean, some folks are night owls and like to make most of their cooking, laundry, etc. at night. In contrast, some folks are early birds and start their day and tasks at 5:00 am or earlier. Also, we have the lucky ones that can work from home. Because of that, electricity companies create different energy plans.

How to know if you are in good hands with your home electricity?

Electricity Express is here to help. Even if you are in good hands with your current electricity provider, sooner or later we will earn your business. The idea here is for us to share our knowledge with you. Electricity Express has been around just a few years after the electricity deregulation back in 2002. We have been in the retail electricity industry for more than 12 years. Given that, we understand the electricity plans, how to find the gimmicks and the curve balls a company may play on you.

We understand how important is to save 15 to 20 % per month on an electricity bill. I mean, 15 to 20 % lower electricity bill can be over $600 savings on energy bills per year.

Send us a picture of your energy bill, I will let you know if you are in good hands.

As easy as that, in true honesty, we will tell you the whole truth. Indeed, we want to earn your business but in the right way. If we see that you can save with a new electricity company, we will let you know. With that said, we will review if a free nights electricity energy plan or a free weekends, or a regular energy plan is best for you.


Also, in the case that the case becomes urgent. Also, we will study if paying the contract cancellation fee with your current electricity provider make sense.

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